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How to recognize damaged hair?

Hair is the essential part of our beauty, especially for women who usually have longer hair as compared to men and thus are more vulnerable to hair damage. Many of us are over confident about knowing the condition of our hair, but the reality is that we cannot always make out when and how much…

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Balayage Highlighting Color

Balayage color technique has taken its place as the most requested hair color in most hair salons today. It is the go-to technique for modern, chic hair since it illuminates the hair while creating depth and dimension with a sun kissed finish. This specialized process will give you soft, diffused hair color and is extremely…

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Product Guide: Curl Styling Featured

Building a beautiful curly style requires care from the time you step out of the shower to making sure that style lasts! But that doesn’t mean it has to be a long and laborious process. Using a combination of Bumble &Bumble’s Tonic Lotion, Curl Conscious Holding Foam, and Reactivating Mist, you can achieve beautifully defined…

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Tips For Fall Haircare!

Alas, the sweet summer has ended. And in Raleigh/Durham, it lasted all the way till the beginning of October! When it comes to summer, we all experience fun in the sun, family trips, beautiful shorelines, and pool days complete with little umbrella drinks posted all over our Instagram account. Yes, when it comes to summer,…

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