How to recognize damaged hair?

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Hair is the essential part of our beauty, especially for women who usually have longer hair as compared to men and thus are more vulnerable to hair damage. Many of us are over confident about knowing the condition of our hair, but the reality is that we cannot always make out when and how much damaged our hair is! Most of us know that there are some problems with our hair, like we may have itchy scalp, hair fall during winter etc. but we do not have any idea about the hair being damaged.

The very first thing that we need to remember is that our hair is not the living part of our body. The dead part emerges out of the scalp, and thus once it is damaged, it cannot be repaired because we can’t repair the nonliving part of the body. It is thus extremely necessary to prevent the hair from being damaged and for that we need to know when and how the hair is being damaged. Unless we know the root cause, we cannot prevent it. Here are some methods of checking that will help you to know the condition of your hair.

Feel and compare: You have to use the sense of feeling to know the exact condition of your hair. Just pick up a strand of hair and run it through the fingers. The process will let you know whether your hair feels smooth or rough. The basic sign of damaged hair is roughness. You have to do this feel check for hair from different parts of your head. It is very much possible that one part of your head has normal hair and the other has the damaged ones. So, check the hair form the crown of the head, middle part of the head as well as the nape of the neck. This process of comparing the hair from different parts of the head will help you to differentiate between the texture of the natural hair and the damaged hairs.

Test with the hair brush: Whenever you brush or comb your hair, you will find some hair coming out. Look closely to the hair in the brush. It may happen that every time you brush, lots of hair come out. This is not the sign of damage, but is the problem of hair fall. Just look into the fallen hair carefully. If they are broken in the middle, it means that your hair is damaged and is thus breaking off on the middle or at the end of the strands.

Split ends: Most of us cut our hair regularly in order to keep them split ends free. This process is done once in every 4 to 8 weeks to keep the hair ends smooth and beautiful. But if you notice that your hair is splitting soon after trimming, them something must be very wrong. Healthy hair do not split so quickly. They take minimum 8 weeks to develop split ends.

Test for porosity: Hair can hold water naturally and the capacity of holding water and the speed of absorption actually determines the porosity of hair. If the hair absorbs water very quickly, it will sink when the strands are put in water. Only the highly porous hair strands can absorb water quickly. High porosity actually means that the hair cuticle is damaged and cannot hold the natural moisture for long. Lack of sebum in the hair also enhances the loss of natural moisture and makes the hair dry.

Test for elasticity: Wet hair is actually elastic. This means, if you pull a wet strand of hair, it will expand and this expansion is almost up to 1/3rd of the natural length. If the hair snaps during the normal stretching it is the sign of damage and indicates that the hair needs more moisture.

Once you know the proper methods to determine whether your hair is damaged or not, it will become easy to take proper care and prevent further damage. If you still have concerns you can always contact Sisay Hair Salon.

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