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Building a beautiful curly style requires care from the time you step out of the shower to making sure that style lasts! But that doesn’t mean it has to be a long and laborious process. Using a combination of Bumble &Bumble’s Tonic Lotion, Curl Conscious Holding Foam, and Reactivating Mist, you can achieve beautifully defined and healthy curls.

Step One: Prep and Prime
Bb Tonic Lotion provides the hair with moisture and balancing through its blend of vitamins, herbs, and Tea Tree Oil. After showering, squeeze excess water out of your hair (don’t rub with a towel) and spray the tonic liberally from root to end and comb through to distribute.

Step Two: Shape and Style
Bb Defining Creme is perfect for fine curls and BB Calming Creme is formulated for coarse curls. Select your product based on your curl pattern and hair texture. Distribute a quarter-size amount of the creme through you hair, starting at the nape of the neck and working forward, twisting and scrunching as you go.

Optional for Volume, Bb Curl Conscious Holding Foam contains Wheat Protein which keeps curls together in humid weather and provides hold and structure. Distribute through your roots for lift.

Step Three: Diffuse and Finish
Now that you have prepped and properly styled your curly look, you can either allow it to air-dry naturally (don’t touch it!) or use a diffuser to reduce frizz and get a faster finished look and more volume and definition. Here is a link to a universal diffuser available at your local beauty supply: Just take a handful of curls at a time and cup them into the diffuser using medium-low warm heat. The diffuser will help your curls define more quickly and tightly since you hair wont be weighed down by the moisture remaining.

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